Enda Harte
An experienced music management professional, for a variety of companies and artists globally.
Writer of ancient philosophy, and psychology.
Currently heading up A&R and Product at Wavetick Music.
Enda Harte in a forest
About me
I'm Enda. For around a decade, I have been working in the electronic music industry, which has been my passion from a young age. I grew up listening to the french touch and O.G house movement, and have turned my passion into a successful career.
Throughout these years, I have worked on a variety of projects globally, ranging from tour management to Independent record label management. In recent years, I have focused on digital management and A&R for artists and pro audio labels.
During my free time I enjoy calisthenics and movment training, as well as Brazilian Ju Jitsu. I also create music for sync and work on scoring soundtracks.
I have recently obtained a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, in order to understand the human condition a little better, which ties in well with my writing about music, ancient philosophy, and psychology.
*I'm not on social media these days so if you wish to get in touch, email me.
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